World Equestrian Games

33 Andalusian stallionMy friend and I have been planning this trip for five years since we first heard that the World Equestrian Games would be held in the United States.  Saturday, September 25th we went to the Opening Ceremonies.  They were fantastic.  I’m so glad I came.  I only wish I could stay for more of the events.

Yesterday, I did get to hear John Lyons and Pat Parelli speak.  I have admired Pat Parelli’s natural horsemanship method for many years.  I need to think how to apply the same concepts to dog training especially service dog training.  He is of course working with a prey species whereas dogs are a predator species.   But the same principles of Love, Language and Leadership hold with any species.  They just need to be applied in a different way.  I have always liked the idea of the seven games.  Anyway, I digress, this post is about traveling not dog training.

I left home on Friday and made a brief stop to visit a friend in Champaign, Illinois.  Saturday I drove on through Indiana and into Kentucky.  My friend and I haven’t gotten together in probably 7 years or so, maybe longer, so it was great to see her again!  We have known each other since we attended college together.

We’ve spent the last several days together taking in the World Equestrian Games and Lexington, KY.  It’s been great!

Today I leave to head further east.  I plan to stop wherever I stop and see whatever I see, but end up in the Washington, DC area in a couple days where I’ll visit another college friend and attend a workshop at NIST.

If you want to read more about the trip, check out the posts on Tamarr Memorial Fund blog.  They are written from Merlyn’s perspective mostly and are a lot more fun and informative.

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