Trip to Europe – August – September 2014

In August to September of this year I took a trip to Europe! I spoke at the CakePHP 2014 conference in Madrid, Spain. While there I took the opportunity to also see Madrid. Then I spent another 2 1/2 weeks to travel the France, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland. It was a lot of fun! My Service Dog, Zaakir, went with me so I learned all about traveling in Europe with a Service Dog. We spent a week with my parents in Germany and visited my sister (not biological but just as real) in Ireland. And of course we just saw lots of stuff.

Below is a slide show of my adventures. I hope you enjoy it! (They are in reverse order so you’ll see the end of the trip first)

I originally planned to post a google story. (They are awesome!) Google built the story, but then I needed to edit the captions, etc. So I deleted and rebuilt it (this is what you are supposed to do). Unfortunately, Google in its infinite wisdom did not rebuild my story, so I will have to do it a less than stellar job of it myself via posts here on my blog. If you are reading this post shortly after I post it, then please stay tuned for more posts of the days – it will probably take a few weeks to get through them all. If you are reading it much later, then please read down the blog – I’m going to publish the post with the publish date of the day the I took the pictures.

Note added Nov 17:  Well I decided that I really have too much to do to make posts of all the pictures.  So, enjoy the album!  Read the captions, they have all the information anyway. 🙂  Next time maybe I’ll blog each day like I have in the past.

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